SLEEP is reorganizing and reenergizing!  Over the next year, there will be some excellent opportunities to advocate for healthier start times in our schools.

We are looking for people who are ready and willing to help. 

Outreach speakers and advocates:  Take the facts about healthy teen sleep needs to the community—speak at PTA meetings, community events, public hearings—hand materials out at school events — spread the word. 

Coordinators, organizers and committee chairs: Coordinate group activities and events promoting a healthy school start times.

Web designers and programmersUpdate the SLEEP website, develop programs to schedule schools, sports, and bus routes, help determine how to effectively change bell schedules.

Librarians, researchers, legislative experts, and detail-oriented people:  Keep track of latest scientific findings and/or legislation, organize our documents, attend or record school board meetings, or maintain our mailing lists.

People with creativity, advertising, lobbying, and fundraising skillsDefine new strategies, develop and promote SLEEP messages. Work with stakeholders, help find sponsors and support for SLEEP.

Lawyers, accountants and other professionals:  SLEEP needs your help to become a 501c(4) organization!  We need your knowledge and skills to make that a reality.

Doctors, nurses and health experts:  We need the weight of your expertise to influence public opinion and help the community recognize that healthy start times are a priority.

Don’t fit into one of these categories but are still ready, willing and able to help? We want to hear from you. There are plenty of opportunities to get a healthy start time message out to the community and to FCPS.

Let us know what you can do. Contact us at .