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Spread the word about the importance of changing the start times in secondary schools in Fairfax County!

It is critical to have a large number of people involved in the effort.  We need to show the School Board, the FCPS Superintendent, Principals and other County leaders that there is community support for this change.  It is time for this issue to be a top priority.  Our children deserve to have a complete night of rest.  It's not an option.  It's a physical requirement.  Our children's health and safety should not be comprised for the convenience of the status quo.

1.) Sign the petition and join the email distribution list to show that you want FCPS to make secondary school start times later in the morning.

2.) Contact the pyramid coordinator from the list of High Schools and Coordinators to find out how you can help.  If no coordinator is listed and you would like to volunteer for the job, e-mail

3.) Print out the fact sheet from the facts web page and distribute copies to other parents in the morning kiss n' ride line to increase awareness about the importance of sleep in the life of our teenagers. Print the 2011 SLEEP Fact Sheet to inform people of the current political situation.

4.) Write a letter or send an email to your School Board Member to let them know that you think it's important to have the secondary schools start later in the morning. Sample School Board letter (Word document.)

5.) Talk, e-mail, or write a letter to your School Principal and Cluster Director (see High Schools and Coordinators for your school's principal and mailing address). Sample Principal/Cluster Director letter (Word Document).

6.) Publish this article in your school newsletter (Word document).

7.) Use this Spring 2008 PowerPoint slide presentation to talk to community members about teens and sleep at PTA or other community meetings. (It may download into your browser or open PowerPoint directly. Either way, choose 'File/Save' to save it on your computer. Be sure to note the location. If you do not have Powerpoint software on your computer, you can get the PDF version of the presentation. These notes accompany the PDF version of the slide show.)

8.) Speak at a public hearing, to County Supervisors, or to the School Board.  Sample speeches.

9.) Help FCPS find enough drivers to provide reasonable bell schedules. Click here to learn how your PTA can earn $1,000 for your school.

10.) Students who are required to do community service could do their community service for SLEEP by doing some of the activites described in this flyer.

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