SLEEP Surveys in Fairfax

SLEEP has conducted surveys of teachers, students, and parents. Click on the links below to see how respondents answered our questions.

Results of surveys of hundreds of parents, students and teachers at JEB Stuart High School in Fairfax Countyduring 2005
(one page fact sheet)

Question-by-question analysis (parents JEB Stuart)

Question-by-question analysis (teachers JEB Stuart)

Report on the JEB Stuart Student Surveys

We worked with school administrators and PTA officials to develop and administer these surveys.


FCCPTA Survey Finds Overwhelming Parent Support for Later Start Time Plan:

The Fairfax County Council of PTAs survey of more than 6,000 Fairfax County parents, conducted during June 2008, found that an overwhelming number support later high school start times as well as a specific proposal recommended by the FCPS Transportation Task Force (TTF) in March. A significant majority (61%) supported the TTF recommendation as proposed and another 24% liked the plan better than the current schedule but wanted some improvements. Only 15% preferred the current schedule to the TTF proposal. To read the results of the survey, please click here: FCCPTA press release as well as the Executive Summary of the survey.



SLEEP in Fairfax
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