We had more than 20 speakers at the February 2, 2007 budget hearing. Katarina Berger, Lee Pyramid Coordinator, provided a light moment with this poem which some School Board members plan to post in their offices as inspiration. 


By Katarina Berger

Get up! Get up! You’re really late
The eggs are ready on the plate
Come on! Come on! Don’t be the fool
We've got to get your butt to school!

I know you’re tired but really, babe
You went to bed at - MUCH too late!
The homework, yeah, I know it took
You extra time to read the book

Come on now, love, give me your hand
I’ll pull, you push, and UP you stand
Oh, no you don’t! You can’t lie back
I’ve got to go. I’ll get the sack!

Your socks are here, I’ve found your shoes
I’m going down, and don’t you lose
Momentum now - you’re doing great
Maybe we won’t be all that late!

Oh, God - the time! This drives me crazy
It’s not at all ‘bout being lazy
The clocks, the rhythms, melatonin
Thwart her sleep and start her groaning

Then off she goes to start the car
And I call, before she gets too far
Now love, I want you back alive
So please - eyes OPEN as you drive!

But I wouldn't have this grumpy teen
She wouldn’t pout or be so mean
If only they’d revise the rule
And set a normal time for school!


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